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jet 🛩

It’s (j)ust (e)leventy and (t)ailwind … OK, and a few other things; it’s still really small though.

Deploy with Vercel Deploy with Netlify


Eleventy and Tailwind CSS are my favorite things right now.

While learning how to use Eleventy, I came across a few starter projects that combine it with Tailwind CSS, which is amazing, but they also come with so much more.

Personally, I only want Eleventy and Tailwind … and, taking the desire for simplicity one step further, I only want to use them via NPM scripts.

So, I made this and it seems to work 🤷‍♀️

How you can use it

  1. Create your own new repo from jet’s template, or clone this one
  2. Install dependencies: npm i
  3. Start development: npm run dev
  4. Visit http://localhost:8080 to see your work-in-progress
  5. Do super-fun Eleventy and Tailwind things
  6. When you’re done: npm run build
  7. Host your project somewhere (Netlify and Vercel are nice options)

That’s it 🕺

A Note on Tailwind CSS v2.x

As of November 25th, 2020, jet has been updated to utilize Tailwind CSS v2.0. If you want to upgrade your project from Tailwind CSS v1.x to v2.x, the Tailwind folks have a wonderful Upgrade Guide you should review.


I originally built this in about an hour through trial-and-error, so I'm sure there's a lot of room for improvement.

If you try it and find issues, or think of improvements, please file an issue and/or create a pull request.