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-> go to actions -> entries from config menu -> entries from main menu -> configurations from adminhtml -> context-aware actions -> product -> grid -> config? -> switch store

-> reminders or other quick actions with hotkey

SDK: window.CommandBar.addCommand

To better understand programmatic commands, you can also try the following: open the Editor, click the three dots next to a command, and select Copy code. addCommand returns a promise, so you if you need to wait for it to complete, you can use await window.CommandBar.addCommand(...).

Command action types

There are currently four different command action types:

Link: open a static or dynamic link
Callback: run a provided javascript function
Click: simulate a click or series of clicks in the DOM
Webhook: POST to a provided API endpoint


Supply a search function:


Test mode


Opengento c'est trop beau !


  • customize user window.CommandBar.boot(userid)
  • make it work with session key